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Designing Magnetic Components for High Frequency DC to DC Converters 437 Pages, 146 Figures and over 32 Tables. Author: Colonel Wm. T. McLyman Titan CD This book has been written primarily to assist the circuit design engineer with the design of power magnetics for different topologies used in dc to dc converters. The step by step design procedure is to enlighten the designer and technician on the complexity of different power circuit topologies. There are twenty two design examples and each one goes through a complete step by step design procedure. Each design example starts with a set of input and output design requirements. The design will start with the selection of the proper core, wire size to meet the regulation (copper loss) and then calculate the temperature rise. Push-Pull Converter Weinberg Converter Single Ended Forward Boost Converter Half Bridge Converter Full Bridge Converter Single Ended Mag-Amp Input Inductor Push-Pull Output Filter Two Transistor Forward Inverted Buck/Boost Buck Converter Coupled Inductor Buck-Boost Isolated Single Ended Filter and more........... To order: Cost: $49.00 Attention: 8.00% Sales Tax will be added to all purchases in California. Shipping: United States, $10.00 Outside U.S., $49.00 No Returns Accepted --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domestic - Within California Sales Tax $3.92 Shipping $10.00 Total $62.92
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