Application Notes

Application Notes Titles

1. An-101, Magnetic Core Selection for Transformers and Inductors.
2. An-102, Window Utilization Factor, Ku.
3. An-103, Designing a 250-watt Line Isolating Transformer.
4. An-104, Designing a 100kHz 32-watt Push-Pull Converter.
5. An-105, Designing a Single-Ended, Forward Converter.
6. An-106, Designing a 100kHz Forward Conv. Output Inductor.
7. An-107, Designing an Output Inductor Using the New, LPT, 2000q Core Material.
8. An-108, Designing a Continuous Current Buck-Boost Converter.
9. An-109, The Elusive Tapped Output Inductor.
10. An-110, Designing a Output Inductor for a Given Resistance.
11. An-111, Mag-Amp Design for a Single Forward Converter.
12. An-112, Another Look at the Input Filter.
13. An-113, Current Transformer Design.
14. An-114, Designing Boost Ind. for Power Factor Correction (PFC).
15. An-115, Fringing Flux and Its Side Effects.
16. An-116, Ultra Low Power 0-15 Amp Current Transducer.
17. An-117, High Impact Current Transducer.